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Поширені запитання

Якщо у Вас виникнуть інші питання щодо створення Вашого проекту, наш менеджер з радістю проконсультує Вас особисто.

General questions

З якими країнами ми працюємо?

Через ситуацію в Україні ми припиняємо співпрацю з російськими та білоруськими клієнтами.

В іншому випадку ми працюємо з усіма, хто має можливість відправити платежі в Україну.

At the moment, we have already worked with Italy, the UK, Spain, Romania, Poland, Germany, the USA, Slovakia, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates.

З якими напрямками ми працюємо?

Працюємо з усіма легальними сферами діяльності.

That is, if your work does not involve deception, theft of money or personal data, or crime, we are ready to cooperate with you.

Ми за чесний заробіток в Інтернеті!

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process that allows you to make your website visible to search engines like Google, bing, and Yahoo.

The best SEO-optimized website gets a lot of users. SEO is influenced by factors such as search engine friendly URLs, loading speed, and optimized content.

What is a BRIEF?

A BRIEF is a brief written summary of the main nuances of a future project. In other words, it’s a short and refined statement of work.

The main issues of the brief that interest us:
– Type of project (website, logo, video, business card design, etc.)
– Field of activity
– Target audience (if known)
– Whether there is a corporate identity
– Color scheme
– Examples of projects you like
– Or examples of projects you don’t like
– Mandatory points that should be present (if any)
– Deadlines

Website development

How much does a website cost?

The cost of the site depends on what you want it to be: the complexity of functionality, design, layout, integration, etc. In order to find out the exact price for the development of your site, contact our specialists.

Що потрібно для того, щоб розпочати створення сайту?

We need your company logo, content (e.g., text and images), publication data (if any), and product information (for e-commerce only).

Що робити, якщо я не маю логотипу чи вмісту для свого веб-сайту?

If you don’t have a logo and content. First of all, don’t worry! We also offer logo design and content writing services at a very reasonable price.

Що мені робити, якщо я зіткнувся з проблемами після виконання проекту або якщо я втрачу свій веб-сайт?

Якщо після здачі проекту виникнуть проблеми, ви можете зв’язатися з нами в будь-який час, щоб їх вирішити. Ми також зберігаємо резервну копію сайту. Ми зможемо виправити або відновити ваш веб-сайт, але це потребує додаткових витрат.

Will my website be optimized for SEO?

Yes, we can help you optimize your website for a separately negotiated price.

Who is a Landing Page for?

1. To sell a certain exclusive or not yet widely available product on the market;
2. Selling the company’s services;
3. Collecting contact information of the target audience;
4. Demonstration of promotions, bonuses and special offers;
5. Sale of goods in limited quantities:
6. Sale of goods and services dedicated to holidays.

Why do you need a corporate website?

1. To improve the company’s image and brand;
2. To simplify communication with customers and keep records of turnover;
3. To provide potential and existing customers with complete information about the company;
4. To sell goods and services by the company.

What is an online store for?

1. Selling any product in large quantities;
2. To expand the business by increasing the sales area (instead of one city, you can sell throughout the country or the world);
3. Selling goods remotely;
4. To engage in dropshipping.

Why do you need a business card website?

1. To briefly introduce a person, company, service, or product;
2. To provide basic information about yourself or your company (price lists, contact information, etc.).

Why do you need a catalog site?

1. For large companies that produce goods or supply them from abroad;
2. For quick search of goods and maximum familiarization with them.

What is a responsive website?

The site automatically adjusts to the screen size of any device. Your website will be perfect for all users, regardless of whether they use small devices such as a phone or any large devices such as a computer.

Що таке хостинг і домен?

Доменне ім’я – це представлення вашого веб-сайту в Інтернеті (його назва та адреса).

Хостинг - це послуга розміщення веб-сайту або іншого контенту на сервері. Хостинг зберігає всі файли веб-сайту, а домен з’єднує ці файли з користувачем Інтернету.

What type of hosting do you need?

You can get any Linux-based hosting from Cpanel. If you have not decided which one to choose, we can recommend a quality hosting provider.

Що буде в інструкції (посібнику користувача)?

Посібник міститиме всю інформацію, яка допоможе вам легко керувати своїм сайтом, як-от редагування вмісту, додавання/видалення сторінок/дописів/продуктів або оновлення нового зображення.

Photo and video shooting

How much does a photo shoot cost?

The cost of shooting depends on many details: whether the shooting will be on the street or in the studio, duration, type of shooting, remoteness of the location, number of people, availability of props, etc. To find out the exact price for photography, please contact our specialists.

How much does video editing cost?

The cost of video editing depends on the following details: editing ready-made footage and graphics or shooting, video length, complexity of transitions, whether 3D models need to be created, etc. To find out the exact price for editing, please contact our specialists.

Do we take photos in the studio?

Yes, we can arrange a photo shoot in any studio in Kryvyi Rih.

To do this, contact us and together we will agree on the studio, date, duration, cost and theme of the photo shoot.

You can book a photo studio yourself, or we can do it for you. In this case, you will need to make an advance payment for booking the studio.

Graphic design

Where can I see examples of our work?

You can see examples of our graphic design work (corporate identity, logos, banners, flyers, business cards, etc.) on the Our Work page in the Graphic Design section.

What is the difference between a raster and a vector?

Raster graphics:

– As the image is enlarged, pixels are visible and quality is lost;

– used to create photographs, photorealistic images;

– consists of many pixels containing color information;

– popular formats: JPEG, PNG .

Vector graphics:

– does not lose quality with magnification;

– images consist of a set of reference points and curves connecting them;

– is described by mathematical formulas;

– used when creating logos, icons, illustrations and technical drawings;

– popular formats: SVG, AI.

Yes, you can choose a logo from our free works that we post on our website and Instagram. They were created “for ourselves”, “in the bank”. These logos have never been used or sold.

What are the advantages of a ready-made logo?
– you don’t have to wait for it, it’s already ready;
– lower price;
– you can change the color and text.

Who are these logos suitable for? For any industry. For each logo, we indicate which industries it is suitable for.

– We sell the logo only 1 time.

What do I need to do to get the logo?
– Just leave a request or contact us by phone, Telegram or Instagram.

What are the disadvantages of a logo designer?

1. The logo will not be unique, because similar services can generate the same logo for another person.

2. The logo may not be suitable for printing (unsuitable format or color profile of the file can only be used for the Internet).

3. The peculiarities of the logo use are not taken into account. For example, a logo with too thin lines cannot be used on a sign.

4. As a rule, such services provide a logo only in the basic version, but in some cases you will need an alternative version, for example, for use as an avatar, on packaging, stickers, etc.

Unlike a machine, a logo designer takes into account all the features of the future use of the logo, analyzes competitors, knows the rules of construction and the psychology of color. No online designer can replace a real designer.
We will be happy to help you design a logo, just leave a request or contact us.

Do we print business cards?

At the moment, we are only engaged in design creation. Unfortunately, we don’t do printing.

Formats for printing

The most popular image format for printing is PDF. We also accept files in the following formats: PSD, AI, TIFF, CDR.

For high-quality printing, a density of 300 dpi is required. The color space is CMYK.

As for the JPG format, printing houses do not like to work with it. What looks good on the screen (due to the small number of dots per inch) may look bad and blurry after printing.

Mobile development

How much does mobile app development cost?

The cost of developing a mobile app depends on what you want it to have: the complexity of functionality, design, etc. In order to find out the exact price for the development of your site, contact our specialists.

Do we make Telegram bots?

Yes, we develop Telegram bots.

The final cost of development for each project is individual. To do this, you can contact our specialists and clarify all the details of your project.

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