A domain or domain name is the address of a website. When you want to visit a website, you enter this domain (address) in the browser’s address bar.

Everything that comes after http:// or https:// is the domain. For example, on our website, the domain is serbin.top.

Domains are necessary to make it easier for us to find the desired website on the internet. In the past, to open a website in a browser, you had to remember its numerical address (IP address). This address consists of four numbers separated by dots and also indicates where the website is located, on which server. Here is an example of an IP address: For humans, unlike computers, it is easier to remember a textual name than a large number of digits.

Types of domain names

Domains can be divided into two groups: generic names and country-specific names. There are differences in the registration of domain names.

Generic Domains

Generic domain names are usually associated with specific areas of activity, although these domains can be used in any field. For example:

.com – for commercial organizations (short for “company”)

.org – for non-profit organizations (short for “organization”)

.edu – for educational institutions (short for “education”)

Over time, the distinctions have blurred, and .com domains are now used not only by commercial organizations.

Generic domain names are easy to register, and they have no restrictions. Here are some examples of such domains: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info. Since 2011, a new category called “new generic domains” has been added. They consist of words, for example: .bank, .site, .shop, .website. New domain names are constantly being added, and currently, there are more than 1000 of them.

Popular generic domains: .com, .org, .net, .info, .club.

Country-Specific Domains

These domain names belong to the top-level domain and are designated for specific countries. They usually use a two-letter country code. For example: Ukraine – UA, Russia – RU, United Kingdom – UK, and so on.

Registering such a domain can be more complicated compared to generic domain names. For example, some countries only allow their citizens or official residents to use their country-specific domain names. During registration, they may request your document number, phone number, or local address in the country. Each country has its own requirements, and if you are interested, we will share them in another article.

Popular country-specific domains: .ua, .com.ua, .eu, .me, .ru, .iu.

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