Web design trends

  1. Bold, bright colors – web design trends in
  2. We have seen the rise of bold and bright colors, and they are not going to give up their positions, turning into one of the most significant trends of the year.
тренды веб-дизайна

2. Bright and rich gradients
Web design trends are also about gradients. It is expected that they will become a part of web design trends again this year, having undergone changes: rich colors combined with a variety of textures will be added to the palette. Gradients in the updated version will use two-color effects.

3. Simplicity and convenience
“Less is more” is a constant trend. Simplicity implies a neat page with a light background in the best traditions of minimalism. Space is a god: if used correctly, you can get a multifunctional design.

  1. More design with augmented reality
    The rapid growth in popularity of augmented reality, or AR, will be noticeable not only in the games, video, and app industries. AR has a good chance of reaching the design industry, especially thanks to the popularity of mobile devices. DIA Studio, which applies 3D typography to everyday objects, could be a likely inspiration.

Project: DIA / Author: DIA

  1. Extra depth (and semi-flat design)
    In 2020, it makes sense to revive the traditional flat design a little: adding shadows will help make the elements more voluminous, while retaining the basic concepts of minimalism that made flat design popular. Space and volume are elements of the new concept of depth.
  1. Geometric elements
    The use of geometric elements such as polygons (triangles, squares, pentagons) and curves (circle or ellipse) will make your project unforgettable.
  1. More creative photography
    Modern photo shoots and branding campaigns will become more daring and experimental by turning to skillful design techniques. Created on the basis of paper sketches or 3D visualization, such a design will definitely stand out and be remembered.
  1. Duplex
    Duplex (reproduction of an image using halftones of two leading colors) has all chances to become one of the leading web design trends of this year. This technique is not new – it appeared several decades ago, but thanks to Spotify, it has gained popularity again.
  1. Brutalism
    Brutalism is a rough concept designed to capture attention. Brutalism has been used in design since the 50s of the last century, mostly for posters and posters (the trend originated in the architecture of the 40s and became a trend). The concept is in demand again and can be found in all areas of design. The trend is designed to shock the audience with a straightforward approach, bulky typography and unsophisticated design techniques.

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